Our fees

Explore all the relevant information about our dental treatment prices.

The price guide we created is for you to get an insight into our fees. Please do not use them to try and calculate the cost of your dental treatment in our clinic, as this is not the way it goes, and you might end up getting a misleading and overpriced treatment plan. We always tend to adjust the costs to keep the prices competitive, transparent and reasonable.

If you would like to know the price of your dental treatment in our clinic, the best option is to contact us, share your wishes and concerns, and send us an X-ray of your teeth, so our dental experts can get an insight into your situation and create the closest treatment plan possible.

Or just come and visit us!

The other option is to come to Zagreb for a thorough consultation with our dental team – which includes X-rays, a check-up and an in-depth insight into your situation, which will allow us to create an individual treatment plan, free of charge for you.

With consultation and examination being painless, you can enjoy your short trip to Zagreb and explore it from the tourist side of view, or bring your gadgets with you and continue working remotely, without losing your precious time.

Dental costs usually vary on an individual basis, but our doctors always explain to their patients the treatment plan that will bring the most satisfying and long-lasting results for our patients, following their wishes. All aspects and costs are thoroughly explained and delivered to you before the treatment, so you can make an informed decision about being treated in our clinic.

The prices in our clinic are lower than those in the UK or other Western European countries, without compromising on the excellence of our services.

We maintain high standards in every aspect of our practice, from the expertise of our dental professionals to the use of premium materials and cutting-edge technologies.

By optimizing our operational efficiency and cost management, we pass on the savings directly to our patients.

The value you get in our clinic is way above average clinics throughout Europe.

The reason is that our dental doctors attended premium dental faculties, and they continually keep getting educated about the procedures in modern dentistry. Other important fact is that our dental experts are highly skilled and experienced in all treatments – from implantology, root canal treatments and all other restorative treatments offering complete in-house solutions for our patients.

The equipment in our clinic is of the best quality in the market. We want our patients to get the most comfortable treatment possible, and we enjoy working with the top-notch equipment and materials.

We follow the no-pain rule in our clinic. Using all the advantages of modern pharmacology, our patients never need to hold their breath or fear any dental treatment. Modern dentistry should not and must not be painful in this day and age, so we gladly follow this rule.

All members of our staff speak English at a high level, so we can understand and communicate everything with ease.

We will approach you individually, as every patient has their own specific situation.

The first consultation is free of charge, while at the same time you get an accurate insight into your treatment plan and the costs involved.

Therefore, please don’t hesitate to send us your X-ray and explain your worries and desires – we will contact you back and provide you with an individual dental treatment plan.

Should you have any questions, worries or simply want to have a chat with our consultants about anything related to our services, accommodation or transport, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or request a call back at the time that suits you best.

Our prices are in the table below.